Friday, March 10, 2017

The Digital Footprint Certificate will certify you as a Digital Footprint Specialist or Digital Footprint Advisor

The spirit of this course is found in two quotes:

“Life is either a daring adventure 

or nothing at all.”

Helen Keller

What can you
do about this
number of Likes
and Views?
With a DFS Certificate,
You can change
this person's
"The world doesn't really worry about what you know.  The world wants to know WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW."
Tony Wagner

In this course, you will go beyond "Social Media Consultant" or Social Media Advisor"   

You are advising your clients about their DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS.

You are a Digital Footprint Specialist

If you pass this series of questions and if you submit a portfolio to show the world what you know, then you can call yourseelf a CERTIFIED DIGITAL FOOTPRINT SPECIALIST or a CERTIFIED DIGITAL FOOTPRINT ADVISOR.

Select a project.  For exmaple, Distance Education Day
How do we let the world know about this date (March 3, 1982)?

[  ] 1. Post your client's information on YouTube

[  ] 2. Create a Facebook page for the client's project.

[  ] 3. Create a photo album of important photos.

[  ] 4.  Create posters using to highlight the theme of the client's campaign or product or service.

[  ] 5. Create an ebook about the client's product or service.

[  ] 6. Create a blog about the client's product or service.

[  ] 7. Create a free website using Google Sites to put the links that are mentioned above.

[  ] 8.  How about a t-shirt?  Then make that shirt available for purchase on at least three locations (such as, website, blog and Facebook).

Send the evidence of your portfolio of pages and links to
Attn:  Steve McCrea, Instructor and Evaluator of Digital Footprint Certification, 21Century.Education
Digital Footprint Certificate from 21Century.Education Teenagers and other Experts can build a portfolio that is evaluated by a team of experts in the field of Digital Portfolios.

Certification indicates that the person has completed a portfolio and passed a series of skill tests. Clients of the certificate holders are urged to ask to see "more recent work" and to interview "former and current clients" of the Digital Footprint Specialist/Advisor.

Can you build a portfolio
to show your work?
Digital Footprint Specialist
You can call yourself a Digital Footprint Advisor.

The Digital Footprint Certificate will certify you as a Digital Footprint Specialist or Digital Footprint Advisor

 This video was made to show the ebook.

Download the free ebook here

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The certificate looks like this:

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