Friday, May 5, 2017

A message to people who are certified Digital Footprint Specialists

Now that you have your Certificate certifying that you

For examle

I have three tips to students (teenagers and peopoe in university courses)

1.  create a website to capture your school work (essays, notes, comments on Blackboard and other online learning discussion places -- those posts are considered educational discussions and demonstrations of class participation)
2. projects
3.  blogs

For example, I recently wanted to show my colleagues what I learned about Finaland's school system through Michal Moore's film and the recent announcement about "elimination of subjects"  (this is the system used at Big Picture Schools, centered in Rhode Island..  See the list of questions below)

You can learn more about their system if you look at the "learning goals" and the list of questions that students walk through and work through when pursuing a topic.   THAT's how to teach without focusing on a textbook or one subject.    Look at the video and you will see that the Finnish system is being used already (or better, the system developed in Big Picture Learning was organicially developed independent of the Finnish system, but both systems were developed by starting with students, not by starting with a subject and a textbook)



I have a colleague who is traveling to Finland.  If he travels AFTER seeing the Michael Moore video, he will br better informed.   So it is my responsibility to put that info in front of him

Here'w what I wrote to him


Hello Abdulrahman!!

(1) When you are in Finland, please show this ebook

show this document to the Finnish people you meet.  Ask them about the LEARNING GOALS on page 150-151

That is similar to their system now.  They want to teach THINKING, not by subjects.  You can learn math, history, science, language, grammar all in the same class with the same teacher and you can do this by using questions.

SEE THE Michael Moore excerpt

Minute 2:30 where the math teacher says "I want my students to learn how to be happy"

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