Thursday, May 4, 2017

Are you looking for a project to build your DIGITAL FOOTPRINT? Can you help expand the number of ebooks that are available to Arvind Gupta and his list of ebooks?

A remarkable project is taking place in India.

A fellow named Arvind Gupta has a website where he posts free ebooks.

Yes, you can get free books from the Gutenberg Project (started by Michael Hart) and from many universities (such as the University of Michigan).

But look at this message:

Arvind Gupta

to me
Dear Steve,

Many thanks for this gift. In India where I live it is very difficult to get hold of books so your gift is very precious. I shall add to my collection and share with others.

In my collection you will really like DANGER SCHOOL - the most subversive cartoon book on Education. We got it into many Indian languages.

WE are starved of good books. Please share more resources.

love and peace


If you are a teenager and you want o increase your impact on the Internet, why not look for free ebooks and send them to Arvind?  You can also post the videos and ask your friends to click on the links below.

So, we started devising toys, science experiments using throwaway stuff - we have over 100 experiments with old plastic bottles, tetrapaks, one dozens caps using old newspapers, we make 30 different kinds of PUMPS with which children can inflate a balloon, throw water 15-feet away or make a water sprinkler with a plastic straw. We have put all this in the FREE public domain. Today 51-million children across the world have wathched our videos in 20 languages. My Website

From Science Teaching I was slowly drawn to Education. India has multiple languages. We have tried to translate some of the worlds' best books on Education in Indian languages to make them accessible to our teachers fom Free.

If you are a teacher, you can download 83 of the best books on Education in English 

Thanks to Steve for inviting me to contribute. Together we can make this world a better place for our children

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