Saturday, March 11, 2017

Example of a Digital Footprint Specialist's PORTFOLIO for a CLIENT

The Client:   The history of Nova University
The Project:  Promotion of "Distance Education Day"


Select a project.  For example, Distance Education Day
How do we let the world know about this date (March 3, 1982)?

[ x ] 1. Post your client's information on YouTube

[ x ] 2. Create a Facebook page for the client's project.

[ x ] 3. Create a photo album of important photos.

This was also made into a T-Shirt

[ x ] 4.  Create posters using to highlight the theme of the client's campaign or product or service.


[ x ] 5. Create an ebook about the client's product or service.

[  ] 6. Create a blog about the client's product or service.

Well, here is a Slide show.

(see the slideshow)

[ x ] 7. Create a free website using Google Sites to put the links that are mentioned above.

[ x ] 8.  How about a t-shirt?  Then make that shirt available for purchase on at least three locations (such as, website, blog and Facebook).

This is an example of how to earn a CERTIFICATION as a Digital Footprint Specialist.  You are a SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST or SOCIAL MEDIA Consultant or Advisor, plus you add the Createspace ebook and other "add ons" like the T Shirt.
You can get the list of "Tasks to Perform" from HERE

Based on this portfolio, Steve McCrea is certified as a Digital Footprint Specialist.
The Eight Tasks are available as a PDF or Word document.   The blog

Send the evidence of your portfolio of pages and links to
Attn:  Steve McCrea, Instructor and Evaluator of Digital Footprint Certification, 21Century.Education

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